It Training

Why Baraka is the response to your training needs?

IT manufacturers not only need to make sure their product offerings are cutting-edge, but to drive repeat business and increase revenues. They also need to outperform the competition in the areas of product adoption and customer satisfaction. Training is the key!

We have a talented and experimented network of highly-qualified training professionals skilled in several of the latest technologies to instruct your channel partners and end-users on your products -enabling you to realize increases in sales and revenue and lower product support costs.

We consult with you on how best to implement high-impact, cost effective training initiatives that are aligned to your strategies. We partner with your key people to ensure talent development is provided throughout the entire employee life cycle. Quite often, you already know what specific challenges you (Individually) or your team (for business) faces.

We provide training and experience on your own schedule.

Key benefits we offer:

  1. Develop channel partners who market, sell, integrate, install, support your products and business
  2. Enable more authorized and on demand education partners for customer training
  3. Recruitment and deployment of trained for new or existing products
  4. Expert trainers are available for a wide variety of your internal training needs, including most IT and business-related topics
  5. Availability of expert trainers for special customer and enterprise client engagements and need

Offered Training & Coaching:

Our training will allow you to pass successfully your certification exam on the major technologies and programs below.

  1. Microsoft Product
  2. Oracle Database
  3. Network
  4. Wahuei
  5. Red Hat
  6. Google


When you’re looking for an IT training you can trust, Baraka is unique on the cost and flexibility.