Staffing & Coaching

Baraka Staffing & Coaching provide successful staffing through coaching based on MWW principle:

Matchmaking with a Purpose

Inviting the right people into a right position, whether as a paid employee or as a volunteer, can be one of the toughest challenges leaders face. To provide a successful staffing process, Baraka is like matchmaking two elements which must line up in order to make a successful match.

What strengths are needed in a position?

A hiring team can become more successful in staffing if it answers this question:

What strengths are required in this particular position in order for an employee to flourish in this role? As strengths are a person’s natural abilities not his training or previous experience, by our hiring team, we best identify a candidate to excel in the position, rather than simply do a job.


What strengths does the candidate have?

As the position itself is just one side of the coin. The other is the employee.

Our teams always perform to ask screened candidates to complete a leading from their strengths profile assessment. Base on that we always compare the position profile and the candidate’s profiles side-by-side; when soon discover those candidates with behavioural traits which line up beautifully with the position’s requirements then we invite them for interviews.

By doing so we not only streamlines the hiring process, but we greatly increase the chances of hiring an employee whose strengths fit the strengths required by the position.

Deb Principles is our key challenge,

“A multi-talented and well – rounded person may be able to learn to do anything and fit into many types of roles,”

Choose the path that’s right and simple for your business with Baraka staffing.